A long time ago
In a Galaxy far, far away...

ehh ok, shit beginning its stolen, so we better forget it. This article is about the lost seasons of planetarion(#2-#4). It is NOT recent, because the game is p2p (pay to play) since season #5. These are just some old memories and acions.

www.planetarion.com - end of season #2 - the beginning of a charakter called "Lord Tyron". I started out and tried to figure the game out. A web-based browser game, running 24 hours a day, with vast battles, own economy and diplomacy. For communication the mIRC(internet related chat) platform is in use. Though it was the end of season #2, as mentioned above, I learned the game quite fast. You scan, or later steal, for asteroids and create mining installations on their surface to get ressources. Then you build ships to become larger and kill your enemies. To achieve this you have to join and good alliance, but to do so it is necessary to have IRC and to be very active( to login many times a day).

To get somewhat deeper in the game, you need to understand the universe-system: We have so called "galaxies" which you can compare to solar systems, you own one planet out of 25 in this galaxy. The other planets are owned by other players. The galaxies are numbered from 1 to 25 and then we finally have clusters, which are numbered from 1 to *unlimitited*.
For example in season #3 I have been 15:10:xx (I dont remember the planets number) First is cluster, then comes galaxy and then planet. The thing why I mention it is that the travel times, that your fleets had, where dependent on this system. If you were same cluster, you would trave 2 hours faster, and within same galaxy even 4 hours faster. That gave interesting, dangerous and impressive tactical thoughts and possibilities.

Back to season #2.
It was the end and I had the one thing in mind: learn, learn and learn. Well ok it worked, but... the ships changed from season #2 to #3, as the ship statistics did, but well stats always change. I specialized on "thieves" while I played in season #2. I was not that active but the tactic was good. Those "thieves" did not shoot but steal other ships. If you had enough you would steal the whole attackers or defenders fleet and add them to your ship count. So I defended my galaxy mates and grew, grew, grew in score. Last week of season #2 I had 1000 war frigates and other smaller vessels which were all stolen, alhtough I was low on "roids" fully written asteroids,(which were the real power).

Season #3 starts:
The beginning of a new season is always beloved and feared. It is here that maximum activity is needed to grow fast and attack smart so you have a chance for the top players.
That at least were my thoughts, but it came different.
Creators deleted both "steal" ships, so th thief-tactic would not work again. Other ships were modified, I studied it and it was ok. You had the option to stay with your former galaxy comrades and so did I. I joined their former galaxy alliance "the sacred blades" I started to become active on irc and came slowly into diplomacy. I found out that my alliance was cool but weak and small. Further I found out that there were 2 major elite clans in the game since season #1 and maybe even longer(back to the betas). These were FURY and VTS - the Legion. Imagine a game played by 100.000 players but dominated by small elite alliances with each 20-30 players. This is indeed impressive and has to be feared.

Alliance Banner of the Sacred Blades in season #2

The game went on, FURY came and took our roids. The game continued, Legion came and took our roids. Only option was to evade your fleet and grow very slowly. Base defense(turrets) were innefficient and senseless. Then it happened that FURY and VTS allied(they were always both - hated enemy and loved ally for obvious reasons...) and they started they incredible devastation-tour throughout the whole universe(as usual). Before they openley attacked they intrigued. It was impressive and efficient. Both alliances recruited whole galaxies. That meant that one galaxy had one or more FURY / VTS member in its ranks and they became an arbiter galaxy. They got VTS or FURY banner within description and were "safe". In season #3 for myself it was only cluster 15 from importance. ( I mentioned that I was 15:10) and nearly half of all the 25 galaxies (at least 10) were FURY or VTS and the war started. It was laterly called the civil war, for as before the intrigue had begun a huge cluster alliance was in action. The c15a cluster alliance, one of the strongest cluster alliance available. Nearly all 25 galaxies were in it and it was strong in defense cause of the speed up within cluster travels.(those 2 deadly hours...).
Situation now changed: half of cluster against other half of cluster. It was an unfair and hopeless war, more a massacre. The opposer galaxies had FURY and VTS behind them and we were just easy prey. The war was enormous bloddy and brutal. We were online until 6 a.m. and organized defense all night long. At first our lines could hold the enemy fire. We got some of the top 20 players on our side and we were strong on war frigates, which was the main vessel this round. War raged on and became fierce. Cluster attacks started late night and it was hard to defend such high-speed attacks. Then FURY and VTS unleashed their power from behind. They flew heavy attacks, additonal to the always running cluster attacks on our top players, who were our backbone in defense. Then they felt from one day to another and the nightmare started. Attack for attack came through and all defense lines broke down. Ships burned, crew died, roids were stolen and players gave up. This was the end of season #3, always marked in memory as the great civil war of c15 and the harsh intrigues of FURY and VTS.

one of the final battles at the end of the round, guess its FURY defending, but not shure

In season 3 we further had an own alliance called the Kiffing-FATE Empire, mainly consisting of starcraft-players of the two famous austrian clans ehe Kffing Brood (KB) and the Freaks Against Truce Expansion (FATE). While the alliance never had more than about 30 players, we quite could survive in the struggle a long time thru season 3. we had a very good homepage that looked cool and had nice features like security portals, attack plans and such thingys, the creator was Pecix, one of the KB-guys. Well finally we were thrown out of play cause we just werent THAT active like the guys of the elite alliance and we split up. season 3 came to an end with FURY and VTS ruling the whole universe. the legion even attacked and dismissed their own wing, i do not recall the name but something like CPL or that, we had their top player in our cluster and after the civil war of c15, we had to watch that player going down too, but this wasnt the end. The last days came and the allianes grew wary. finally FURY and VTS couldnt hold up together and attacked each other in devastating battles. i do not remember who won but the alliances split afterwards, so we had a new alliance called WOLFPACK emerging of FURY, (FURY and VTS still standing good with elites) and some new important alliances came to life: elysium and NOS and finally the secret Xanadu. Season 4 began. Through an old starcraft compadre I myself and some of my former KF members managed to get into one elite alliance: Xanadu short Xan. It was all new to us, escpecially me. Xanadu was HIGHLY secretive, and with highly, i mean it. they did not operate on the standard planetarion IRC network, but on their OWN! they had special operating teams and sections, whereas the most important was the secret police section for inner affairs. they would approve new members and watch those who already were part of the alliance. on the IRC network (the main communication platform ) there were not just 1 security procedure but THREE! it was like being in an science fiction movie. the homepage itself was no bit less impressive. highly secure with login and modern scripts it was used as a secondary communication platform (a forum) as well as the best and most effective attack-system i ve ever seen, together with an vast spying-network. as example: one galaxy had to be attaced ( 25 planets thu). date of attack was noted and the screen was free to accept any of the free slots so your name was there until all planets had one attacker. the advantage of such an massive attack lays at hand: if there is one attack then the galaxy can draw all its fleets to the planet who needs defense; but with ALL planets getting attack there just is no option for defense, there just are no fleets. sometimes the galaxy would be protect their galaxy commander and ministers or their best players but for such cases you could scan and launch reserve fleets or before the attack just send enuff for those special people (you already knew who was GC or minister or whatever). well all went well, i had roids in masses for the first time in the game (my third season !!!) Xanadu was allied to the Legion and Elysium, whereas Fury was allied to Wolfpack, but NOS did stay neutral. neutrals always have it difficult so NOS did very very well at the beginning but later it just crumbled due to internal affairs. Elysium was the biggest alliance of our triumvirate but moreorless a bunch of barbarians. only legion/xanadu and fury/pack remained top elite. and so the war started. it was a cruel war, having myself up till early in the morning for defensive action in my galaxy. (the homepage offered some defensive screens too not only for offensive but wars are not won with defense, ya know). but the time was on our side. we were outnumbering the enemy by far, we had 3 allianes and LEGION did a good job at sending Elysium as first waves into the enemy, so they got the losses. we too were used as first waves but our leaders were intriugeing on their own and so could lower our casualities. one had always in mind VTS - the legion = greatest ally or greatest traitor, and as traitor their were known, so it was quite a game we played. i clearly recall the time when command of triad (xan/vts/ely) ordered its members to the final assault on the enemys heaviest base, the TOP 1 galaxy, a galaxy packed with FURY and WOLFPACK and millions of asteroids of course. ... we attacked and we attacked but our attacks were always deflected, they fended us off, sending VAST reenforements to hold their castle we always had to retreat our fleets,there was no chance in coming thru their lines of defense. but then at the height of the war, some xanadu official came up with a plan, a plan which would change the gameplay of planetarion forever. it was the first appearance of the highly feared 8-wave-assault tactic. we would send in EIGHT waves of fleets on ALL 25 planets ALL 3 hours. what does that mean? that means an FULL 24 hours of attacks on this enemy main-fortress. whereas the first wave consisted of mainly fighters and small ships and would outnumber and distract their defense, so when they send in their defensive fleets, our first would pull back, waiting to uselessly put the defense abilities to an end (maximum of 6 hours per defensive fleet staying at target) and ramming now wave upon wave into the enemy defenses. as far as i remember the first waves didnt get through but around the third wave their lines broke and we were thru robbing their asteroids. this battle was the most fierce battle ever to be seen in planetarion and FURY/WOLFPACK did a good job at defending, alas we had high losses and they could outmaneuver LOTS of our attacks but in the end we came thru. but our leaders were so touched by the fearless and highly organizeed defense that we saluted to the defeated and created an honor plague:

thus endet the fourth season. xanadu and the legion were the winners, all others had lost but the top 1 alliance, with best score and most roids was XANADU, the alliance I was in and i was proud, really proud ...